How long does a mattress last? When to Replace Your Mattress?

How long does a mattress last?

A mattress is one of the most significant investments in the sleeping industry. You have to spend more money to purchase a mattress than other sleep-related products, including pillows, bed sheets. As you need to spend more money, you need to consider more before buying one for your need.

If you fail to purchase the best one, you will end up having disturbed sleep at night instead of restful sleep. A mattress is one of the things you need for a comfortable sleep. That’s why it is considered to be the most crucial part of your bedroom.

How long does a mattress last?

However, when it comes to the longevity of a mattress, there are many things related to increase or decrease a mattress’ lifespan. If a user can use his or her bed carefully and wisely, he or she can expect a lifespan of between 7 and 10 years or more.

On the other hand, if you, as a user, use it roughly without taking care of the mattress, you can expect less longevity of your mattress.

As a mattress is a pricey part of a bed, you should use it carefully and purchase one that is of high-quality. Materials and build of a mattress also matter when you measure its longevity.

But it is found that a mattress lasts 7 to 10 years. In this article, I am going to describe to you two things- factors that impact the lifespan of a mattress and why you need to replace a mattress for your better sleep.

Reasons that Impact the Lifetime of a Mattress

Some reasons impact the lifespan of a mattress. Among them are frequencies of use, bodyweight of the users, the activity you perform on it, cleaning of the mattress as it needs. Besides, you know that everything under the sun has their wear and tear. Over time, everything slowly dissipates.

How long does a mattress last?

Frequency of use

The more you use anything, the earlier it lasts- a straightforward concept. The mattress you have kept in your guest’s room for your overnight guests lasts more. On the other hand, the mattress you sleep on regularly last longer. Side by the side, using a mattress for longer time shortens its lifespan.

Bodyweight matters

Bodyweight of the users is a likely cause for a mattress to wear it out soon. If you have more weight, your mattress has to endure more pressure on it. As a result, heavyweight shortens a mattress’ lifespan. Conversely, users having lighter weight can expect more longevity of their mattress. So, it is now clear that the more pressure you put on the mattress, the shorter the lifespan you will receive.

Activity on the mattress

Apart from sleeping on the mattress, many of us perform other activities on it, including playing with kids, eating and drinking on it, putting a heavy or sharp object on the mattress. If you use your mattress beyond sleeping, it will wear down fast. Besides, a mattress should only be used as your sleeping purpose. While eating and drinking on a mattress, some of them may fall on the mattress. If you do not remove them well, there may grow harmful bacteria that can be a potential cause to destroy your mattress’ lifespan.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning keeps your mattress in good condition. Otherwise, harmful bacteria, along with dust mites, can damage your mattress. If you see any spot on the mattress, you should clean your mattress. It so happens that your baby’s liquid food can fall on the mattress and sip by it. In this case, you must clean the mattress to get rid of harmful bacteria which can grow fast to damage your mattress.

So, these are the factors that influence the lifespan of your mattress. By considering these factors, you can increase your mattress’ lifespan for more than 10 years!

Okay. Now, it is time to discuss all why you should replace your mattress. Also, you need to know how you can realize that you need a new one for your better sleep at night. If you sleep on a mattress that has a middle valley or something uncomfortable for your body, you will end up having back pain after getting up from bed the following day. In a word, you need proper and comfortable sleep accessories to have a restful sleep at night.

Why you should replace your mattress

Getting up from bed with pain

If you experience regular neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, stiffness, and something like that after waking up, you should consider replacing your mattress. You are encountering these issues because your mattress may be no longer in good condition. You may not see the difference soon, but after a long time, you must have some health conditions, including pains. So, without hurting yourself, you should replace your mattress by purchasing a new one.

Embarrassing sound while sleeping

When you go to sleep on your bed, there may have some avoidable noise. Your new bed frame can make sounds for the first time, and it will fade away after several uses. But what if you are struggling to sleep compromising the embarrassing noise caused by your mattress itself?

Your mattress may create the sounds of grinding metals or squeaking springs. These indications will tell you that your mattress’ foundation has become weak. As a result, you are depriving you of a good night’s sleep. In this situation, it would be wise to bring a new mattress that suits your need best.

Middle valley in the mattress

If you feel like a central valley in your mattress, you may not get a night of deep sleep at night. It will hurt you while sleeping. Thus you will get up with neck, back, or shoulder pain. After using a mattress for many years, it is natural that there may find sagging, a dent, a dip in the mattress which hinder your restful sleep.

Breakouts of allergies in an epidemic form

With time, allergen, dust mites increase on the mattress. That’s why; you need to clean your mattress regularly so that you can keep safe from these harmful germs and bacteria. But, if you see that there is a noticeable increase in allergy symptom, you need a replacement.

Final Verdict

The more you take care of your mattress, the more extended longevity your mattress will have. Typically, a good mattress lasts for 5 to 10 years. A mattress’ lifespan may increases or decreases depending on proper management.

If you can protect your mattress from allergens, dust mites and accidents, it will last beyond this range. Ensuring your restful sleep at night sleeping on your mattress should be your priority. Also, a good mattress topper can extend your mattress’ longevity. If you notice something that is ruining your restful sleep, then you should change your mattress. That’s it.


Air Mattress Explosion: Why and How to Keep Safe

Air Mattress Explosion

Everything under the sun has advantages and disadvantages side by side. An air mattress can be a lifesaver for you while overnight guests come suddenly. An air bed allows you to make a quick sleeping platform for your guests to sleep on. So, it keeps you free from tension. On the other hand, if you are among those who find opportunities to go camping when they get a vacation, an air mattress can also be the best bet for you. As it can be inflated and deflated at any time, it is very convenient. Besides, you can pack it inside your backpack as it can be folded after fully deflated.

Air Mattress Explosion

Having a lot of advantages, like other things in the world, it has some drawbacks as well. As you can see the topic of this article, it can be exploded too! And its explosion can be huge! Your window and roof can be blown off by the explosion of an air mattress. Also, the explosion of the air bed can be likely a cause of your heavy injury and you may need to go to the hospital and stay there for days.

However, knowing the proper use of an air mattress can save both you and your property. As you are still reading this article, you may have seen its explosion at the neighbor’s house or you have experienced it yourself.

Good news is you can keep you and your dear one away from this air mattress explosion.

YES, this is the ultimate guide for you I am going to tell you. So, sit back on your armchair and read on to the end of the article. I hope and believe that you will learn everything you need to protect your air bed from an unwanted explosion which is dangerous not only for your house but for you also.

Let me answer you the “WHY”

Actually, there are several reasons behind an unwanted terrible explosion of an air bed I have figured them out. Rather telling you the reasons in a paragraph let me make some bullet point and describe them briefly. It will help you to understand clearer, I personally think.

Over inflation

Understanding how much should you inflate your air mattress is very important to avoid this type of serious accident. Due to over inflation, your mattress can be exploded. When an air mattress reaches its full inflation, you should stop inflating it further. You can understand it by yourself using your common sense or you can read the manual that comes with the air bed. If you do not follow the manual, you may have to count extra penny for your treatment or for your house repairing. So, before continuing to inflate your air mattress further, make sure it actually needs more air to inflate fully.

Some air bed comes with an electric air pump that can inflate it very fast. Some users do not understand that their air mattresses have inflated fully before their estimated time. As they do not stop the inflation process by the electric pump, being over-inflated, the mattress can be exploded.

Poor seam bonding

There are many manufacturers that manufacture air mattresses. All of them are not good at manufacturing air beds. There are differences among them in making air mattresses for their customers. Some of them use quality materials whether some do not. Bonding of the seams of an air mattress is untold important to make its life longer. Otherwise, if someone inflates an air bed to its maximum point, it can damage due to poor seam bonding.

There may be a tiny leak around the valve

If you can see there is a tiny leak or hole around the valve, fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will allow the inside air to come out very fast and can also explode. Before purchasing an air mattress, it will be wise to determine that the valve is strong enough to hold the inside air tightly so that there have no chance to make an accident.

Anyway, these are the most likely causes of an explosion of an air mattress. Now, it is time to tell you exactly the ways to get rid of the dangerous explosion which can be a life-threat for you.

Air Mattress Safety Tips for You

Forget jumping on your air mattress,

Never exceed your air mattress’ maximum inflation limit,

Avoid keeping your air mattress far from sharp-edged things,

Do not allow your air bed to keep in touch to fire,

Instead of chemicals, use a mild soap to wash your  air bed if it is needed,

PVC glue and patches are good to fix a hole in it. For more information, read it.

For the first few days, it will be wise not to inflate to its full firmness as it will stretch after a few uses.

How to Find and Fix a Bubble in Air Mattress

air mattress lumps

Developing bubbles in your air mattress is not pleasant. But they can be found in the air mattress and it is a very common issue with them who have air mattresses. After seeing these lumps, many of you may decide to purchase a new one to use. But the scenario is not like you are thinking. You can fix the issues by yourself. All you need to do is to spend some time to fix it. Besides, everybody may not have the ability to buy another one promptly. For those, learning to fix bubbles in the air mattress is a must. Also, purchasing a new one should be considered as a prodigal person. If you have the option to fix the bubbles in your airbed, then why do you purchase another one, right?

air mattress lumps

However, as you are here, probably or surely, you are finding the solution of fixing your air mattress’ bubbles. Don’t worry. Read on until you end the article and I can guarantee you that you will learn everything regarding these ugly bubbles in your air mattress. In this article, I am going to share the exact proven ways I personally prefer to fix my airbed’s lumps. And, hopefully, I think you too can do it yourself at the end of the day.

Before digging deeper, I would like to say one thing and it is- purchase an air mattress that is the best suit for you to consider a few things in your mind. I have also an in-depth article on how to choose the best air mattress for your need you can read.

First of all, you have to know why your air mattress can have lumps because without knowing the source you cannot mend it. There are various reasons behind the scene. Your purchased airbed maybe not of good quality, you may inflate your air mattress too much as you have gotten an electric inflating pump or you may be using the same airbed for years.

Let me depict everything you need to know one by one with a detailed description here.

Purchase a good air mattress for you

The market has already been flooded with a lot of air mattress manufacturing companies. Finding the best air mattress for you may be daunting for you especially if you are totally new in this industry. That’s why you should think twice before you make any purchase. You can get valuable suggestions from someone who has already bought one and has been using for months. Alternatively, you can go online and research for some time to determine what should be considered before purchasing an airbed. There are huge resources online you can read to get enough ideas.

Actually, purchasing a good air mattress can save you a lot from seeing air bubbles in your airbed.

The boding of seams may not be strong enough

Determining whether the manufacturer of your air mattress is liable for the bubbles is not a very difficult task for you. If you see there are bubbles in your air mattress just after a few uses, chances are higher the manufacturer is responsible for air mattress lumps. They do not bond the seams strong enough to last for long. Though the life expectancy of an airbed is considered for at least 1-2 years, a brand new airbed should not develop bubbles too early.

Almost every manufacturer company of air mattress provides a smart warranty along with their products. If you see any issues in your air mattress, without making further delay, you should make a return to the company for a replacement.

Electric air pump? Don’t inflate too much

As you have received an electric air pump to inflate and deflate your air mattress, you are just inflating and inflating as you are not doing the hard work for yourself with a hand pump. Just kidding! After purchasing an air mattress, you should not inflate it fully for the first time. Take time and inflate it again if it is needed for a few uses. Like other things, its materials also tend to stretch over time.

Conversely, if you inflate it to its highest temper for the first time, there may develop some bubbles in the air mattress. Besides, the life-span of your air mattress may be decreased. Keep one thing in your mind that the seams on the airbed are not very strong. As a result, inflating too much can result in bubbles in your airbed.

Do not exceed the recommended weight capacity

If you are a user of an air mattress, you probably have seen that the recommended weight capacity of most air mattresses is in between 500 pounds to 600 pounds. If you exceed the limit for a few times, your air mattress may not develop air bubbles. But if it continues over and over again, you may find many problems with your airbed including punctures, deflation or possible forms of strains on the mattress. Moreover, packing excess load on your air mattress can also result in air lumps because of the internal damage. So, be careful and don’t exceed the labeled limitation of the weight capacity of your inflatable mattress.

Everything has its lifespan under the sun

Inflatable mattresses do not last for years meaning 3-10 years. Other mattresses can last for more than 10 years or even more than 20 years whereas an air mattress can last approximately 1-2 years. Besides, if you think you will use it for your regular use, I will recommend you not to do it. Using an air mattress for years can have a bad impact on your health. You may have back pain. Moreover, if you continue to sleep on an airbed for years, your back pain can turn into chronic back pain which is not your ultimate expectation.

So, after using an inflatable mattress for years, the seams of the mattress get damaged and develop bubbles on the mattress. As everything decays for natural wear and tear, so does the inflatable mattress.

I think this is enough on finding the problem and actually why air bubbles develop in an inflatable mattress.

Now, it is time to show you the exact same ways I go through to fix the bubbles. And, in this fixing process of your air mattress, I am going to show you just three steps to follow carefully.

3 Proven Ways to Fix the bubbles

Finding the bubble(s)

Your airbed may have one or multiple bubbles developed due to above-stated causes. Finding the bubble in your inflatable mattress is easy if it is big enough to see. But what if the air lumps are very small?

Finding the smaller one is nothing difficult too but you just have to spend more time to locate the bubbles.

Anyway, don’t forget to remove sheets, mattress pads, and pillows before starting to find the bubbles in the mattress. It is not so important to tell you to remove all these things as it is very basic knowledge and obviously, you cannot find the location of air bubbles without removing them. As I have mentioned already that finding smaller air lumps may be difficult keeping your air mattress covered with mattress’ pad or bed sheets, you should keep them away before proceeding.

Unplugging the plug from the electric outlet is wise and recommended if you have an electric air pump to inflate and deflate the mattress. After finding and marking the location on your air mattress, all you need to do is to move on to the next step of the process.

Make sure there is no air left inside the air mattress

In this step, let the air seep out of the mattress completely to get rid of the annoying bubbles from your airbed. It means that there should be no air left inside the air mattress. If your mattress is not an electric one, you will need more time to deflate it entirely by opening the nozzle. The process of deflating can be faster if you can press on the mattress while deflating.

On the contrary, if you have an electric air mattress, the whole process of letting the air blow out will take just a few minutes. After deflating the airbed, you have to make sure that the bubbles are completely popped. To be honest, you have to confirm that the bubbles are gone completely.

Inflate your air mattress again to its suitable firmness level

Now, what are you seeing in your airbed? Obviously, there are no air bubbles seen, is there? Apply the same ways of an electric air mattress and a non-electric one to inflate fully. But, make sure you have inflated your airbed to its suitable firmness level. Otherwise, due to excess air in your mattress, there may develop the same air lumps again that are not your ultimate goal.

If you have owned an electric air mattress, it should be more convenient for you to inflate the mattress just pushing down the button that says “inflate”. Remove the air pump quickly once your airbed reaches to its expected firmness.

Apart from that, your air mattress may have a leak(s). If you see any leaks or holes in your mattress, you can fix it as well by reading the instruction here.

Final Verdict

Everything has their lifespan in the world you should know. The same concept can also be applied for the air mattress. If the manufacturing company concentrates on the seams of the mattress along with other materials, your airbed can last long and avoid air lumps. But there are other causes I have mentioned above. Following the proven steps I have stated above can save your money and from buying a new one.

Best Sleep Position for Neck Pain (Proven Methods)

Best Sleep Position for Neck Pain

There is nobody but wants to pass a night sleeping deeply and peacefully without any interruption. But, unfortunately, all do not have sound sleep at night due to several issues including lack of comfort in bed, intolerable outside noise, health issues such as back pain, neck pain, severe headache and many more.

What do you think? Is it impossible to sleep well at night if you have one of these problems mentioned above?

Best Sleep Position for Neck Pain

Of course, NOT, I must say. As you know there is a solution to any problem under the sun. All you need to do is to find out the perfect solution for your issues and apply accordingly. If the outside world is too noisy to fall asleep, take some actionable measures to fight against it. Here is a detailed article on this specific topic you can read.

However, apart from other problems, I am aiming to describe you exactly how to sleep well if you have neck pain. According to the topic of this article, if you are suffering from neck pain for several days or months (maybe for years), you, at first, visit your doctor to get a better solution. In addition to your doctor’s prescription, there are many ways you can adapt to get rid of your neck pain and have a good night’s sleep.

Your sleep position may be the likely cause for your neck pain. If it is so, you can have a restful night sleep by changing your sleep position easily but consistently. Also, your bed or your pillows can also be responsible for your neck pain. So, first of all, it is important to find out the source of your trouble and then you have to go for the solutions.

Here are some proven ways you can follow on a regular basis to ensure your sound sleep at night though you have neck pain.

Types of sleepers

There are different kinds of sleepers including side sleepers, stomach sleepers or back sleepers. Among the three major sleeping positions, you, as you have neck pain, should choose side sleeping and back sleeping. Both have benefits for a sleeper who has neck pain. On the other hand, sleeping on your stomach can add you more pain because your shoulder, neck, and spine do not remain aligned well.

Try sleeping on your side

Sleeping on your side can help you abating your neck pain. You can use a soft pillow under the curve of your neck and shoulder so that your neck gets proper support and can rest well. If you find it difficult for you to sleep on one side for long, change it to the other side.

Also, this sleeping position can also help your lower back pain to heal day by day because it supports your spine to maintain its curvature as well.

Recommended pillows for side sleep position: Cervical contour pillow

Back sleeping position for neck pain

While sleeping on your back, your spinal cord can maintain its proper alignment with your neck. Moreover, there is no chance to twist off your neck and in this way, your whole body gets needed support.

It has also been found that back sleeping position helps stop snoring at night. So, there will be no risk as well to have some vital sleep disorder like sleep apnea.

Recommended pillows for back sleep position: Feather pillow or memory foam pillow.

Are you a stomach sleeper?

Some people are seen to sleep on their stomach. Maybe it has turned into their habit. Otherwise, they should have some health issues including back pain, neck pain, and spine pain. That’s why avoiding this sleep position will be a good option for you especially if you have neck pain. Moreover, this sleeping position has the most stress on the muscles of your neck directly.

Besides, if you see that it is almost impossible for you to sleep on other position including back and side, then you should build up a habit of using no pillow rather than a very slim pillow.

Recommended pillows for stomach sleep position: Very thin pillow or no pillow.

Stretching your neck before sleeping

Tight neck muscles can also be a reasonable cause for your neck pain. It can be due to work for hours sitting in a chair. When you work for a long time sitting in a chair without any break, your neck’s muscles will become stiffer and tight. If it continues for days, months or years, you will grow neck pain gradually. As a result, you will find difficulty falling asleep fast.

In order to get rid of this problem, all you need to do is to build up a habit of stretching your neck before going to sleep daily. You should not leave your job. Instead, you should take a 3/5-minute neck stretching exercise that is enough to fight against your neck pain.

This particular exercise helps your neck muscles loosen and avoid you to have neck pain. When your tight muscles become loose, you feel comfortable in your neck meaning you loosen muscles relieve you from pain.

You can do this exercise several times except before going to sleep. When you are at your office chair and working for long times, you can take a break after a certain period of time and can do the exercise for the betterment of your neck pain.


Above ways are proven to get rid of neck pain while sleeping. But it does not mean that you can reap up the benefits just practicing only one day. You have to do it consistently to get the result. If you can build up these above habits along with the neck exercise, you may get the advantages over time as you know nothing happens overnight. However, if you do not see any result practicing these ways days after days (maybe for one week), then I recommend you to consult with your physician for better result. Last but not the least, you have to ensure sufficient sleep every day for overall health benefit including your neck pain. A 6-8-hour sleep can help you recover most of your health issues related to sleep.

Stages of Sleep Psychology: REM and Non-REM Sleep Cycles

Stages of Sleep Psychology

Sleep, obviously, the most important thing you need to do well the following day. Ensuring sound sleep at night is meant to ensuring your better life. A lot of physical and psychological things are related to sleep. A good night’s sleep can help you perform well for whole day.

Stages of Sleep Psychology

When you sleep at night, you cycle between two main stages of sleep cycles- REM and NREM. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement whereas NREM stands for Non-Rapid Eye Movement. Our body repairs, restores and dream while we sleep. NREM happens first and then REM. This sleep cycle repeats for the whole night.

Both stages are equally important for our body and mind. Our body repairs, re-grows, strengthens immune system of our body, builds our body muscles during NREM sleep stage. And when we pass NREM and enter REM, we dream as our brain keeps more active, heart rate increases. You may also experience sleep paralysis if any of your sleep stage does not complete

However, as the title of this post is all about the stages of sleep including REM and NREM, let me tell you exactly what happens in these sleep stages.

As NREM comes first while sleeping at night, I would like to describe all about it. And, then, I will tell you about the later phase of sleep, REM.

NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement stage)

We have to pass three short phases of sleep during NREM. Every stage lasts short. Average duration of this phase lasts from 5 to 15 minutes. After finishing these phases, our sleep shifts to REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

Phase #01: Though your eyes are closed, it is easy for you to wake up easily. And, this is the first stage of your sleep at night. On average, this phase lasts up to 10 minutes.

Phase #02:  In this phase, your body temperature starts to decrease slowly to allow you to sleep well. Your heart rate also gets slow. You will fall in light sleep stage and slowly it will take you to the deep sleep.

Phase #03: This is the stage when you sleep deeply allowing your body to repair, re-grow tissues, build bones and also increase your immune system. Actually, NREM sleep stage occurs in this phase. And, if someone wants you to wake up, you will feel disturbed and disoriented for minutes.

Also, this deep sleep stage leads you to the REM sleep stage. But due to less and deep sleep in your older age, you may see aging symptom in you.

REM (Rapid Eye Movement)

The stage of sleep is very important as your brain keep more active to recollect and increase your memory. That’s why; you may have dreams during sleep. Almost every individual dreams at night for several times.

Rapid Eye Movement starts almost one hour and a half after you go to bed. This phase may continue just for ten minutes for the first time and it continues to increase the duration. In the final stage of REM, your heart rate and breathing get faster and it continues at least an hour. In the meantime, if your sleep breaks for any disturbance, you may have sleep paralysis as well.

But as you grow older, the duration of your REM sleep phase will decrease. So, it is seen that babies spend most time in REM sleep stage compared to adults.

How to Stop Sleep Paralysis? (The Ultimate Guide)

how to stop sleep paralysis

Were you struggling to move your body during sleep but could not move a bit? But after a few seconds or maybe a few minutes, everything became normal and you could move your body and take breathe without any difficulty.

What did happen to you then? (You started worrying)

This happened to you due to Sleep Paralysis.

how to stop sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is very common among people. Every four out of ten may have this sleep problem. Actually, it is a condition of our body during sleep when we cannot move any part of our body. Even, we can feel extra pressure on our body. We think that something (maybe, a ghost) appears in our bedroom, sits on our chest and holds us tightly so that we cannot move.

Thoughts about sleep paralysis over the centuries

Most people throughout history considered it as sleep paralysis demon that comes at night while sleeping to abduct us. But it is nothing but a bodily condition at the time of sleeping. When our body passes into sleep stages, it occurs. It is seen mostly in the night while sleeping. A shadowy evil creature comes to the helpless sleeping human being to terrify at night.

It can be divided into two parts

Sleep paralysis can be happened at the beginning of our sleep or at the end of our sleep. So, sleep paralysis is divided into two parts- predormital sleep paralysis and postdormital sleep paralysis. So, if you fall asleep and cannot move your body part, it may be the sleep paralysis symptom of the first one. As you know, when we fall asleep, our body relaxes slowly.

On the other hand, the same thing happens to you just before the end of sleep. It is because your sleep cycle changes its stage from NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) to REM (Rapid Eye Movement). Both take at least ninety minutes to complete the stage. During NREM sleep, our body rests, repair and restores itself. After that, there happens a quick transition to REM sleep. During this sleep stage, our body muscles keep turn off; eyes move fast and start dreaming. Like the rest of our body keeps in a very relaxed mood and if you are aware before the completion of REM, you will notice that you cannot move your body or speak.

Sleep paralysis causes

Sleep paralysis occurs in teenagers in most cases. But it is not limited just to them. People of any age may have a sleep problem. It can run through generations. It has been found that most people have this problem during sleep all over the world. However, there are some causes also that are responsible for sleep paralysis.

  • Those who do not have proper sleep may develop this sleep inconvenience at night for days.
  • Frequent changes in sleep schedule can be a cause of this problem.
  • Stress plays a vital role to develop this problem.
  • Back sleepers may have the sleep issue.
  • Narcolepsy or nighttime leg cramps can be a potential sleep issue.

Can you die from sleep paralysis?

The answer to the above question is a big “NO”.

To tell the truth, you may need no treatment if you have this sleep problem. Only if you notice that the problem is happening with you regularly, then you should consult with your doctor. Also, keep an eye whether you fall asleep faster and feel sleepiness during the daytime. If anxiety is going to take you, visit a doctor to have a prescription so that you can sleep well at night.

Actually, lack of sleep throughout the whole night can lead you to sleep paralysis as well.

Now I would like to jump to the section where I am willing to tell you the ways or treatment (you may say) to get rid of this nuisance.

How to treat sleep paralysis?

Though there is no specific treatment for sleep paralysis, some people may consult with their doctor if it happens regularly. Sufficient sleep at night, maintaining sleep pattern and other regular physical activities can keep you away from this sleep problem.

  • You have to ensure that you are sleeping 6 to 8 hours each day.
  • If you have anxiety, you cannot have a good night’s sleep. Antidepressant can be a good option for you to ease your depression so that you can sleep well.
  • You should visit a doctor if you have narcolepsy or cramp legs.


If you can lead a disciplined life, you may overcome this problem over time. Also if you see that this problem is happening with you every day, you should visit your doctor. Though it is not life-threatening, it should be cured because nobody wants to fall into this problem. You may have other sleep disorder associated with sleep paralysis. So, it is also important to share this problem with your physician in order to get a good suggestion.

7 Untapped Benefits of Sleeping without a Bra (You should know)

benefit of sleeping without a bra

Wearing a bra helps women to support their chest, feel comfortable and look sexy. It enhances your breasts natural shape and does not let your breasts look droopy. Instead, it helps your breasts to lift up. Besides, if you are suffering from your neck pain, a good quality bra which fits you well can assist you to ease your pain. Bras also make you confident when you are away from home. You can work faster as well as wearing a bra. You can easily find a comfortable bra that best suits you.

benefit of sleeping without a bra

Along with a few benefits, it has disadvantages too if you sleep wearing your bra at night. Some women wear bras at night because they think their breasts become saggy if they sleep without a bra. But actually wearing a bra whole night may be detrimental to your health.

However, in this post, I have come up with some health benefits you will receive only if you go to bed without your bra.

Does it sound weird to you?


But after knowing these health advantages of sleeping braless throughout the whole night, your thoughts may change. And, you start doing this too.

Here are the 7 untapped benefits of sleeping without a bra.

Sleeping braless makes your breasts saggy- It is a MYTH

Really, it is a myth and nothing else. It is completely unscientific that your breasts grow saggy over time if you sleep without wearing a bra at night. Medical science says that woman’s breasts become saggy as they grow old. So, now it is almost clear that sleeping braless cannot cause your breasts saggy. If you touch and hold a young girl’s skin, you will feel its elasticity and plumpness. On the other hand, you will not find the same feel holding an old woman’s skin. Due to age, it happens to us.

Our body needs relaxation while we sleep. But a tight-fit bra does not allow your body to breathe properly. It hinders your whole body’s blood circulation as well. So, there is no reason for wearing a bra while sleeping at night.

Sleeping braless improves your blood circulation

In order to ensure your breasts needed support, bras are made to be tight with your chest so that your breasts receive the proper support.  Otherwise, your breasts may slip off due to enough support.

blood circulation

Your chest, neck, shoulder and the area around your bra keeps very tight which can restrict blood circulation. This can bring health issues if it continues over time. As a result, you may face some health problems including varicose veins, dizziness, cramps and other similar diseases.

Conversely, taking your bra off before bed offers your body to circulate properly. It also allows your body to heal and restore proper blood circulation. Besides, you can sleep well throughout the whole night.

Sleeping braless protects you from fungal infection

Underwears are often responsible for fungal infection in both male and female. Men pursue their day jobs wearing undergarment. Mostly, in the hot summer season, underwears cause fungal infection where there is almost no chance to circulate any air. Harmful bacteria find this dark area as their best-growing places.

fungal infection

Similarly, women’s skin needs proper air circulation as well. Insufficient airflow over your skin also causes bacteria and harmful germs to spread fast. Bacteria and germs find areas on your skin that are normally kept dark, warm and moist. Perhaps, you have also seen the fungal infection under your armpit. This fungal infection can lead your breasts to pain, itchiness and so on if you sleep wearing a bra at night.

So, putting your bra off before going to sleep keeps your skin dry and cool. Thus you can keep away from any fungal infection on your breasts because of sufficient airflow over your skin.

Your skin needs to come back its original shape

Wearing tight bras all day long can leave a dent in your lovely skin. Not only that- there you may find permanent indentation as well. Other clothing also does the same thing to your skin such as socks, watches, pantyhose, and bras.

bounce back

If you wear a bra at night as well, your skin will not get the opportunity to bounce back again- meaning it may not come back its original shape again. And, it will result in a permanent dent on your skin restricting your body’s blood circulation too.

Grab the chance of intimacy with your life partner

Are you married? If you are married, you know the importance of increasing the intimacy between you and your partner. Skin-on-skin touch is a fantastic way to grow intimacy in the long run.

intimacy with your life partner

You may have heard the name of a hormone named ‘love hormone’ or oxytocin hormone. Your body releases the hormone only when you keep in touch with your husband without clothing. It increases the depth of the relationship as well. It also decreases your stress.

Sleeping braless protects your lovely skin from harmful germ attack and improves personal life too.

Decrease the risk of breast cancer

There is fluid in our blood named lymph fluid which fights against a toxin that is responsible to increase the chance of cancer. Wearing bras at night hinders this fluid to flow with your blood.

breast cancer

So, the non-fluid blood due to wearing tight bras at night flows to the body triggering the chance of causing breast cancer.

On the other hand, removing bras before going to bed for sleep prevents to grow abnormal cells that cause breast cancer.

Avoid the risk of diabetes

Brown fat works well when your body temperature is getting down. This fat actually burns your body’s extra calories at a normal temperature. When you sleep braless, your body gets the chance to decrease its temperature and allow this brown fat to continue its process of burning fat.


It has another benefit as well. As this brown fat burns calorie, weight loss is its ultimate outcome too. Thus you can keep far away from diabetes just sleeping without a bra.

Final Verdict

Still, there are some women who sleep wearing bras at night. According to them, they feel comfortable while sleeping. However, if you want to sleep wearing a bra, you should choose a bra that is comfortable and not so tight. In this article, I have tried to show some benefits of sleeping braless before you. If you have any thoughts in your mind, let me know by leaving a comment. Your comment may help others as well.

Are You a Mouth Breather? Stop It to Avoid Health Risk

mouth breather should know

Mouth breathing causes a number of health risks. Anatomical way of breathing is through the nose. We can get sufficient air flow with needed oxygen through the nose. Our lungs’ absorption capacity increases by the produced nitric oxide gas by mucus while breathing through the nose. As a result, we feel better while breathing through the nose.

mouth breather should know

But, what if you breathe through your nose?

Before we go deep into the topic and find its possible solution, make sure you are a mouth breather. Are you overwhelming thinking on how to be sure of this?

Waking up feeling your mouth dry is the easiest way to determine that you are a mouth breather. If you sleep breathing with your mouth, your mouth must be dry and so do your lips. Your lips should also be hard because while breathing with the mouth, your mouth’s most important element, saliva dries out leaving your mouth dry. Negative health implications are the ultimate outcomes of the mouth breathers.

So, let’s find out actually what are the causes of mouth breathing?

Mouth breathing can be addressed into several reasons as follows:

If your weight is too much, you can breathe with your mouth while sleeping,

You may have your nasal congestion,

It may be your habit now because you have developed it from your childhood,

If you are in the third trimester of your pregnancy, you may experience mouth breathing. But it is not an alarming health issue.

Importance of breathing through your nose

As mentioned earlier, proper airflow through the nose increases your lung’s capacity. On the other hand, breathing through your mouth can cause a lot of health problems.

While breathing through the nose, air enters your lungs being filtered by the mucus lining of the nose. Besides, these linings help the air to be warm or moisturize as need.

♦ You may suffer from some oral health problem including dry mouth, dry out of gums, acidity, risk of cavities and plague on your teeth.

♦ If you snore regularly, it will also worsen the condition and as a result, you can experience sleep apnea in the long run.

♦ The facial deformity is also found if you are a mouth breather. But, it is seen in children though.

♦ As breathing through mouth reduces the oxygen intake while breathing, it might have been detrimental to your overall health as well.

♦ Due to mouth breathing, the saliva of your mouth dries out. And due to less saliva, harmful bacteria increases massively and it leads to tooth decay. When the amount of saliva in your mouth becomes low, its pH gets lower as well. Saliva is an important substance in your mouth which protects your teeth’s enamel and thus saves your teeth from decay.

I would like to thank you as you are still reading my article. And, I think, like others, you are also finding the ways to get rid of this nuisance.


I also think this is the time to discuss the possible solutions for the problem.

There are many measures you can take to solve the health issue. But in this post, I am going to address only a few of them which are really proven methods of getting rid of this nuisance indeed.

First of all, I would like to tell you the method I like most.

Physical Exercise

As you know, physical exercises are the best option to fight against almost any health issues. You may suffer from this health issue due to your extra weight. In this case, you can reduce your extra fat by taking regular physical exercise. Losing your extra weight also helps you to take breathe through your nose.

Yoga and cardio exercises improve your breathing undoubtedly.

Exercise to breathe through your nose

You may breathe through your mouth due to the nose congestion. When your nose remains too blocked to breathe normally, you have to take breathe through your mouth.

The exercise designed to have proper breathing through your nose is not so difficult to carry out. If you can do this nasal exercise only three to five times a day, you can take breathe through your nose clearly keeping your mouth shut.

Before starting the exercise, sit on a chair and breathe through your nose just for a while and close your nose with your fingers. Try to hold your breath as long as you can and then let it out slowly through your nostrils.

Repeat the session for three to five times with one sitting. After a few days, you can see that improvement of your breathing through your nose advances.

Do you have allergies?

Almost everybody is allergic to something. So, do you. But, we are allergic to dust and mites in most cases. So, if you have anything that may be allergic to you, you should remove it from your bedroom. Keep your bedroom neat and clean so that there is no dust or mites left. Also, make sure your lovely blanket is not the source of your allergy. If so, without further delay, leave it and bring another which suits you best.

Consider Nasal Spray

Sometimes, it so happens that due to cold, your nose gets congested. That’s why you cannot breathe through your nose properly. As a result, you have to breathe through your mouth. You can get rid of this problem if you use a saline nasal spray to decongesting your nose. This is very effective and helpful as well.

You can try mouth guard and chin strips

The main function of these two sleep assistant things is to keep your mouth shut up while sleeping. But before using these things you should consult with your doctor. Also, make sure mouth guard are comfortable enough to support your gums instead of hurting them. Chin strips also do the same as sleeping, mouth guards.

They help you to promote your breathing through the nose. You can also eliminate snoring by using them. So, you can try them.

Final Verdict

As mouth breathing has real health issues, you should take proper steps to avoid it. In this article, I have tried to show and describe some ways you can try to stop mouth breathing. Find out which suits you best and pursue with your choice. I hope this article helps you like our other informative article on this website. Still, if you want to add an option I might forget to include, feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below.

How Does Noise Affect Your Sleep? (And the Ultimate Solution)

Effects of noise

Are you struggling to sleep but cannot fall asleep due to the irritating noise around you?

Effects of noise

Yes, noise can keep you awake the whole night. As a result, you will get up without having sufficient sleep at night you need to start the following day. Actually, there are different kinds of noise responsible for your awakening. If you are dwellers of a city, you may already have experienced busy traffic noise which does not allow you to sleep at night properly. Your surrounding may also be noisy. Loud barking sound of dogs can even break your sleep.

However, sound and restful sleep is a must for your overall health. Without having enough deep sleep at night, you can continue your every day’s task efficiently. You may feel drowsiness at the time of doing your task. Driving a car is also risky for you then because you may make an accident with your sleepy eyes.

The Impact of Sound While Sleeping

Sound becomes louder at night normally. You can tolerate the noise of your next-door’s construction. The same sound can keep you awake during sleeping at night and it becomes more effective to break your sleep if it is a sudden loud sound.

You may suffer from various diseases related to sound pollution like cardiovascular diseases. Besides, the ultra-supersonic sound created by vehicles’ horns and other sources can also increase your blood pressure and you may feel unstable for some moments.

Actually, if you wake up suddenly from your night-time sleep for several nights, it will break your sleep cycle which is very important for any human being. As a result, you will feel restless on the following day. The impacts of sound vary from person to person. The intensity and severity of noise matters as well. Research has found that some people wake up due to the barking of dogs outside their house. On the other hand, some people continue their sleep with the same sound of dogs’ barking outside.

Noise can wake people when they are in stage 2 sleep. If you go through deep sleep, slight sounds cannot wake you up. Otherwise, age is also a considerable factor in this field. It has been found that children and elderly people are most sufferers due to noise. Noise hampers their sleep more in comparison with others.

There are another source of noises (emotional noises) like your kid’s crying, door’s opening, alarm of your table clock, the sound of an ambulance, sound of the fire-brigade and the like which are also responsible for waking you up from your sweet sleep at night.

So, these unwanted boring noises should be avoided to ensure your better sleep at night. There are several ways to mask or avoid inside as well as outside annoying noises. Actually, you have to fight against two different types of noise sources. They are inside your house and outside of your house. If you can minimize these sounds before going to bed, you will enjoy deep sleep at night. There are other factors you have to consider to ensure your deep sleep at night. Here is an article related to ensuring sound sleep.

However, let’s get back into the point.

Your environment should be sleep-friendly

With the advancement of technology, due to rapid urbanization, our environment gets polluted in many ways including air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, soil pollution and so on. You cannot avoid sound anymore and it has become a part of our lives. If your surroundings are too noisy, you can also play some relaxing music during sleep to have a better sleep.

First of all, you have to find out the source of noise whether it is inside your house or outside. Don’t worry. In this article, I will describe both and their possible solution to ensure your sound sleep at night just to start an energetic day.

Fight with inside noise

If you are trying hard to fall asleep but cannot due to continuous bumps inside your house, you can play some relaxing music in your bedroom. Moreover, there are several other options you can adapt to minimize inside noise. You can purchase a white noise machine to avoid the irritating noise. You can easily avoid annoying noise playing this machine as you can get the continuous sound of rain, wind, fan, chirping of birds, waves and many more which will help you to fall asleep soon.

Turning your television before going to bed helps you sleep faster. Besides, we are not away from our electronic devices including the most important one- cell phone. Receiving important calls is a must. But make sure you have decreased the loud sound of your smartphone. These attempts allow you to fight against disruptions before sleep.

If your bedroom is close to the kitchen and your ice makers is on, before bedtime, you should turn off the machine as it produces noises to steal your sleep at night.

You may be sharing your apartment’s wall with your neighbors. The noise made by your neighbors can harm your night’s sleep if they are too noisy by speaking loudly or listening to music at a higher volume. In this case, all you can do is to place your bookcases against the wall to use as a barrier to the annoying sound.

Your partner may snore during sleep at night. And sometimes, it can be too loud to sleep with your partner. In order to eliminate the disturbing sound of your partner’s snoring, you can use noise canceling earbuds.

Fight with outside noise

You can sleep well only minimizing noise inside your house. Along with inside noise, you have to take measures to eliminate outside noise including traffic noise, the sound of airplanes, trains, trucks, buses and even schools.

Devices like white noise machines, earplugs or ear buds can help you here as well like inside noise of your house to minimize disturbing sound. Before going to bed, you can put earplugs in both ears to avoid outside noise. Also, placing a white noise machine near your bed also can save you from struggling with heavy outside noise.

If it is possible to shift your bedroom away from outside walls, you can do it to have a peaceful sleep at night. Your windows may have tiny holes and so outside noise can trespass into your bedroom. If it happens, you can immediately seal all the tiny holes so that noise cannot enter into the bedroom.

Also, planting trees and shrubs can be a great idea to fight against outside noise and it can be a long-term, durable way.

Final Verdict

Sound has both positive and negative impacts, depending on its severity and intensity, types and noise level. We cannot avoid noise from our day to day life. What we can do is to take some steps to minimize noise to lead a better life. Besides, it is almost impossible in today’s modern world to sleep a good night’s sleep with any disruption of sound.

A helpful video on noise pollution

Natural Bed Bug Removal (7 Proven Ways)

natural bed bug removal

Is your bed infested with bed bugs?

And, do you want to repel them naturally instead of using chemicals?


natural bed bug removal

Bed bugs are creepy crawlers and launch their campaign especially at night targeting you as their meal! Once your house is infested with bed bugs, it becomes very difficult for you to repel or remove them entirely. The truth is, with the passage of time, they lay their eggs almost everywhere at your house including under the mattress, sofa and even on walls and floor as well.

So, it becomes a daunting task for you to get rid of bed bugs. Your sweet sleep at night may be turned into a nightmare due to frequent bites of bed bugs. And if you cannot sleep well at night, you cannot start an energetic day too.

Do you start worrying about them and thinking about how to get rid of the small annoying creatures?

Don’t worry anymore because through this blog we try to share our thoughts with our valuable readers to ensure their invaluable sleep at night. With this view in our minds, we never hesitate to share anything important and can be helpful to our visitor.

In the same way, we will show you 7 proven natural ways to remove bed bugs from your infested area. And as an outcome, you will end up having a restful sleep without their bites.

1. Diatomaceous Earth to repel bed bugs

natural bed bug removal

It is one of the most effective natural ways (eco-friendly) to remove bed bugs from your mattress to carpets. Diatomaceous earth is 100% free from any harmful chemical that may harm your kids and pets. It can also be used for other annoying harmful pests at your home.

Diatomaceous earth has properties that can break down bed bugs’ outer shell of their body. As a result, it dehydrates their body, allows their body’s fat and oil come out. At last, they die. Though you may not see an immediate result, it can help to remove them after applying a few times.

For better results, you need to spray diatomaceous earth in the infested area including underneath the mattress, sofas, carpets and let them stay at least for 9 to 10 days. After the time overs, see the results with your own eyes.

2. Lemongrass works better

natural bed bug removal

If the acidic condition of pests inside their body increases at a great extent, they die. In the same way, lemongrass can be used to repel bed bugs as well. But the process of repelling bed bugs may take longer time than other methods. Spraying lemongrass in an affected area like mattress or dark areas of your room works better.

3. Tea Tree Oil Spray is Mind-blowing

natural bed bug removal

Tea tree oil,  the most well-known oil, is great to get rid of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Apart from that, it can also be used to repel bed bugs effectively. Having anti-parasitic properties, tea tree oil works hugely to remove bed bugs from your infested area. All you need to do is to make a mixture by adding only two teaspoons of this oil with required water. When you are done, its time to spray where they likely to hang out.

4. Suffocating method by bed bug protection encasement

This is another way to remove bed bugs from your mattress by covering it with a bed bug protection encasement. It is a long process to repel them. At least, one benefit you may receive is to protect you from the danger bites of these bugs.

There are a number of bed bug protection covers like SafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement you can purchase to protect you and your kids from their infectious bites.

5. Baking powder sucks

natural bed bug removal

Baking powder is another natural way to repel these irritating little creatures away. Baking powder has the properties to suck their body moisture and make them dry. As a result, they die because of insufficient liquid in their body. So you do not need to use pesticides if you can spread baking soda where they live according to you. Allow this powder for days to sit properly and let it suck up these annoying little creatures’ body moisture and die. After a week, you can clean your areas where you have spread the powder with a vacuum cleaner.

6. High-heat steamer should also be considered

As we are only talking about the natural remedies and ways to repel bed bugs from our infested areas, no chemicals should come into the play.

Actually, high-heat steamer method is considered to be the fastest way to repel bed bugs from your infested area including mattress, carpets, sofas and the like. If you are on a tight budget and do not want to purchase, you can just simply rent one from your local home departmental store.

When it is ready and reaches its highest heat, apply the generated steam on all infested area where you may think they are. Keep an eye to tread every single area including mattress, sofas, upholstery furniture, pillowcases and so on.

7. Use bed bug interceptors

natural bed bug removal

In a number of ways, bed bugs can gather on your mattress including your bed’s leg. Using your bed’s legs, bed bugs climb onto the mattress and take their position for the battle to start at night. If you can prevent their climbing onto the mattress, it will be a great way to lessen their invasion. So, you can use bed bug interceptors underneath every leg of your bed so that they cannot climb up.

The truth be told is that bed bug interceptors cannot kill them. Instead, they just work as a trap to catch them and also decrease the number of bed bugs onto your mattress.

The Bottom Line

Repelling bed bugs from your bed without using any chemicals is beneficial for all you care for including your kids and pets. Hope this article on natural bed bug removal will help you too to remove them permanently from your house and let you sleep peacefully without having any bites.