Air Mattress Explosion: Why and How to Keep Safe

Air Mattress Explosion

Everything under the sun has advantages and disadvantages side by side. An air mattress can be a lifesaver for you while overnight guests come suddenly. An air bed allows you to make a quick sleeping platform for your guests to sleep on. So, it keeps you free from tension. On the other hand, if you […]

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How to Find and Fix a Bubble in Air Mattress

air mattress lumps

Developing bubbles in your air mattress is not pleasant. But they can be found in the air mattress and it is a very common issue with them who have air mattresses. After seeing these lumps, many of you may decide to purchase a new one to use. But the scenario is not like you are […]

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Best Sleep Position for Neck Pain (Proven Methods)

Best Sleep Position for Neck Pain

There is nobody but wants to pass a night sleeping deeply and peacefully without any interruption. But, unfortunately, all do not have sound sleep at night due to several issues including lack of comfort in bed, intolerable outside noise, health issues such as back pain, neck pain, severe headache and many more. What do you […]

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How to Stop Sleep Paralysis? (The Ultimate Guide)

how to stop sleep paralysis

Were you struggling to move your body during sleep but could not move a bit? But after a few seconds or maybe a few minutes, everything became normal and you could move your body and take breathe without any difficulty. What did happen to you then? (You started worrying) This happened to you due to […]

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Are You a Mouth Breather? Stop It to Avoid Health Risk

mouth breather should know

Mouth breathing causes a number of health risks. Anatomical way of breathing is through the nose. We can get sufficient air flow with needed oxygen through the nose. Our lungs’ absorption capacity increases by the produced nitric oxide gas by mucus while breathing through the nose. As a result, we feel better while breathing through […]

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The Ideal Temperature for Better Sleep

ideal temperature for sleep

Knowing the best temperature for both your bedroom and your body can help you fall asleep faster and ensures a restful sleep at night. Are you struggling to sleep in a too hot or too cold temperature of your bedroom and cannot sleep well? If it is so, then this article should be a great […]

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