How to Patch an Air Mattress (Easiest ways have been shown)

How to Patch an Air Mattress (Easiest ways have been shown)

It is really irritating and unhealthy waking up suddenly in the midnight feeling that you are just sleeping on the floor. It can happen when your air mattress deflates fully through an unexpected leakage. In addition, it is more disturbing if you see that you are surrounded by the deflated air mattress.

Sometimes, it may happen as an air mattress does not inflate fully for the first time. It takes a little time to stretch fully. In this case, you may see that your mattress has lost some air but not fully. If it is so, all you need to do is to re-inflate the mattress so that it can take its real shape.

how to repair an air mattress

However, repairing a broken air mattress is not a rocket science at all. But finding and confirming a leakage, pinhole, rip or tear is sometimes may be challenging for you.

First thing comes first. Before going to patch an air mattress, arrange a repair kit that has everything you need patching it like a patch, glue, sandpaper, etc. A repair kit comes often with the shipping box. But if you see there is no repair tool along with your air bed, don’t worry about it because you can do it yourself at home too.

Let’s go to illustrate in words and show in the video how to patch an air mattress. You can do this by following these steps one after another or you can do so watching and understanding the video below.

Step #01: Detect the outflow of air from your air mattress first. If you can see it directly, it is your good luck. Then go for the next step. But it is not as easy as you think for sometimes. In this situation, deflate the whole mattress fully and use a soapy sponge on the surface of the mattress and see if there is an air bubble.

Step #02: Detecting a leak is done. Now spot it with a permanent marker pen so that you can find it easily again. Clean the leakage area carefully so that there is no dust.

Step #03: If your air bed has flocked sleeping surface or even textured, then you have to sand it with sandpaper until a vinyl surface is seen to affix your patch. Besides, your patch will not work properly on a flocked top.

Step #04: Now go for your air mattress repair kit that came along with your mattress. Add adhesive to the patch.

Step #05: Make sure you have dried the leak area fully so that the patch can work well. Now place the patch over the leak tightly.

Sept #06: After patching the leak, you need a heavy stone or cement block or similar object to place over the patched area and let it keep there for more than 12-13 hours in order to affix the patch perfectly.

Step #07: After the estimated time for the heavy stone or cement block, remove it and re-inflate your air mattress and keep an eye on the patched area if there blow out any air.

In these ways, you can patch your broken air bed easily and enjoy your good sleep again on it.

If you want to do the same repairing a broken air mattress watching the video, you are welcome to watch the video below regarding this problem.

Hope your problem with your lovely air mattress has solved and you are now enjoying sleeping on it.

Have a sound sleep at night!

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