The Ideal Temperature for Better Sleep

The Ideal Temperature for Better Sleep

Knowing the best temperature for both your bedroom and your body can help you fall asleep faster and ensures a restful sleep at night.

Are you struggling to sleep in a too hot or too cold temperature of your bedroom and cannot sleep well?

ideal temperature for sleep

If it is so, then this article should be a great piece for you. Just read on to the end of the article and I do hope and believe that you will end up learning everything about the ideal temperature for better sleep at night.

Your body and bedroom’s temperature have an unavoidable impact on your sleep like other sleep-related issues such as mattress, pillows, bed sheets, the environment around you and many other things. It plays a vital role to fall asleep.

Only a restful sleep at night can help you to start a good and energetic day. As you know, sleep has a number of health benefits. And, temperature both body and bedroom is one of the most important consideration to have a better sleep at night.

So, what is the ideal temperature for your body and bedroom?

Well. Let me tell you all about it. In this article, you are going to learn not only about the ideal body and bedroom’s temperature but other associated things to keep your bedroom’s temperature perfect for a good night’s deep sleep.

Your body needs an optimal temperature for a restful sleep

Actually, our brain and other body functions keep active during daytime. Research says that our body temperature keeps fluctuating the whole day and it reaches its highest point in the late afternoon. Then it starts to cool down as the night falls. It happens to prepare your body for bed.

ideal temperature for sleep

Circadian rhythm regulates our body’s 24-hour body clock which is responsible for regulating our sleep-wake cycle. Our body temperature is considered to be 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

But it varies a little bit for the toddlers and babies and it should be 65 to 70 degree Fahrenheit. It does not mean that it is the exact temperature for all. It may be a little bit different from person to person.

The ideal temperature for your bedroom

Like your body temperature, your bedroom should have the same temperature to maintain the required temperature. Otherwise, your body temperature may fluctuate during sleep at night. And, there are many ways to keep your bedroom’s temperature consistent to have a restful sleep throughout the whole night.

Are you a restless sleeper and wake up frequently from sleep at night?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then your bedroom’s temperature is either too hot or too cold that does not allow you to sleep deeply. But it is found that cooler temperature helps you to shut your eyes fast and offers you a restful sleep at night.

Also, it does not mean that your bedroom temperature will be too cold. If it is too cold, you may not have a deep and restful sleep because your body will keep more active in keeping you warm.

Maintain your bedroom’s ideal temperature

The ideal temperature of our bedroom plays a pivotal role in our sleep at night. Following measures can help you to keep your bedroom’s temperature consistent and cool throughout the whole night for better sleep experience.

Keep your bedroom dark

ideal temperature for sleep

Dark bedroom tends to keep calm and cool. Also, it helps your bedroom’s temperature to cool down as the night passes. So, before you go to sleep, don’t forget to turn all electric lights off so that the sleeping environment appears!

Keep your windows open or close!

Are you confused!

You should not because keeping your bedroom’s temperature cool and consistent depends on the temperature outside your room.

ideal temperature for sleep

You can keep your bedroom’s blinds and curtains closed only if there is a chance for the sunlight to enter into. Moreover, sometimes the temperature outside your bedroom may be higher than in your bedroom. In this case, keeping your bedroom’s windows closed can help your bedroom’s temperature to keep cool and consistent.

On the other hand, if your bedroom’s temperature is higher than that of outside the room, you should keep your windows open to circulate enough cool air into your bedroom. This is the natural way to keep your bedroom cool and ideal for your restful sleep at night.

An air conditioner can also be considered

Especially, during summer days, the weather tends to keep high. Due to the high temperature, we feel restlessness not only at daytime but during sleep time also. And, if your bedroom’s temperature remains high for the whole night, you may not fall asleep fast. Even you can fall asleep anyhow, you cannot enjoy a restful sleep throughout the night.

ideal temperature for sleep

In this case, you can turn your air condition on to make the temperature of your bedroom cool and ideal for sleep. But, you should remember that it will not be wise to turn your air conditioner on for the whole night. When the temperature of your bedroom cool down, turn the air condition off and go to bed for a good sleep.

Wear socks before bed

Wearing sock before bed to keep your feet warm is a great way to distribute heat throughout your whole body.

When you wear socks to keep your extremities warm, it helps your blood vessels to keep wider and helps blood to circulate evenly and thus your body temperature becomes cool.

Cool temperature ensures better REM (Rapid Eye Movement)

Our body needs to pursue its functioning well at daytime. For the proper functioning of our body, we need restful and sufficient deep sleep at night. Otherwise, we may not go well for the next day.

However, the optimal temperature of your bedroom can help you to enjoy a deep sleep. Cool temperature is also associated with better-quality REM. You will have sweet dreams during REM which helps you to improve your learning process as well as consolidates your memory function.

Moreover, deep sleep helps your body to restore and also to repair your muscles and tissue. So, if you want to allow your body to do these important things for you, you should ensure your bedroom’s cool temperature.

The Bottom Line

As temperature (ideal) plays a great role for a restful sleep at night, you should take proper measures to ensure your bedroom’s ideal temperature. Your next day almost totally depends on your body functioning which is an outcome of a deep sleep at night.

If you can maintain these above-mentioned steps to keep your bedroom as well as your body temperature cool, you will end up having a restful sleep throughout the whole night.

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