Air Mattress Explosion: Why and How to Keep Safe

Air Mattress Explosion

Everything under the sun has advantages and disadvantages side by side. An air mattress can be a lifesaver for you while overnight guests come suddenly. An air bed allows you to make a quick sleeping platform for your guests to sleep on. So, it keeps you free from tension. On the other hand, if you are among those who find opportunities to go camping when they get a vacation, an air mattress can also be the best bet for you. As it can be inflated and deflated at any time, it is very convenient. Besides, you can pack it inside your backpack as it can be folded after fully deflated.

Air Mattress Explosion

Having a lot of advantages, like other things in the world, it has some drawbacks as well. As you can see the topic of this article, it can be exploded too! And its explosion can be huge! Your window and roof can be blown off by the explosion of an air mattress. Also, the explosion of the air bed can be likely a cause of your heavy injury and you may need to go to the hospital and stay there for days.

However, knowing the proper use of an air mattress can save both you and your property. As you are still reading this article, you may have seen its explosion at the neighbor’s house or you have experienced it yourself.

Good news is you can keep you and your dear one away from this air mattress explosion.

YES, this is the ultimate guide for you I am going to tell you. So, sit back on your armchair and read on to the end of the article. I hope and believe that you will learn everything you need to protect your air bed from an unwanted explosion which is dangerous not only for your house but for you also.

Let me answer you the “WHY”

Actually, there are several reasons behind an unwanted terrible explosion of an air bed I have figured them out. Rather telling you the reasons in a paragraph let me make some bullet point and describe them briefly. It will help you to understand clearer, I personally think.

Over inflation

Understanding how much should you inflate your air mattress is very important to avoid this type of serious accident. Due to over inflation, your mattress can be exploded. When an air mattress reaches its full inflation, you should stop inflating it further. You can understand it by yourself using your common sense or you can read the manual that comes with the air bed. If you do not follow the manual, you may have to count extra penny for your treatment or for your house repairing. So, before continuing to inflate your air mattress further, make sure it actually needs more air to inflate fully.

Some air bed comes with an electric air pump that can inflate it very fast. Some users do not understand that their air mattresses have inflated fully before their estimated time. As they do not stop the inflation process by the electric pump, being over-inflated, the mattress can be exploded.

Poor seam bonding

There are many manufacturers that manufacture air mattresses. All of them are not good at manufacturing air beds. There are differences among them in making air mattresses for their customers. Some of them use quality materials whether some do not. Bonding of the seams of an air mattress is untold important to make its life longer. Otherwise, if someone inflates an air bed to its maximum point, it can damage due to poor seam bonding.

There may be a tiny leak around the valve

If you can see there is a tiny leak or hole around the valve, fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will allow the inside air to come out very fast and can also explode. Before purchasing an air mattress, it will be wise to determine that the valve is strong enough to hold the inside air tightly so that there have no chance to make an accident.

Anyway, these are the most likely causes of an explosion of an air mattress. Now, it is time to tell you exactly the ways to get rid of the dangerous explosion which can be a life-threat for you.

Air Mattress Safety Tips for You

Forget jumping on your air mattress,

Never exceed your air mattress’ maximum inflation limit,

Avoid keeping your air mattress far from sharp-edged things,

Do not allow your air bed to keep in touch to fire,

Instead of chemicals, use a mild soap to wash your  air bed if it is needed,

PVC glue and patches are good to fix a hole in it. For more information, read it.

For the first few days, it will be wise not to inflate to its full firmness as it will stretch after a few uses.

How to Find and Fix a Bubble in Air Mattress

air mattress lumps

Developing bubbles in your air mattress is not pleasant. But they can be found in the air mattress and it is a very common issue with them who have air mattresses. After seeing these lumps, many of you may decide to purchase a new one to use. But the scenario is not like you are thinking. You can fix the issues by yourself. All you need to do is to spend some time to fix it. Besides, everybody may not have the ability to buy another one promptly. For those, learning to fix bubbles in the air mattress is a must. Also, purchasing a new one should be considered as a prodigal person. If you have the option to fix the bubbles in your airbed, then why do you purchase another one, right?

air mattress lumps

However, as you are here, probably or surely, you are finding the solution of fixing your air mattress’ bubbles. Don’t worry. Read on until you end the article and I can guarantee you that you will learn everything regarding these ugly bubbles in your air mattress. In this article, I am going to share the exact proven ways I personally prefer to fix my airbed’s lumps. And, hopefully, I think you too can do it yourself at the end of the day.

Before digging deeper, I would like to say one thing and it is- purchase an air mattress that is the best suit for you to consider a few things in your mind. I have also an in-depth article on how to choose the best air mattress for your need you can read.

First of all, you have to know why your air mattress can have lumps because without knowing the source you cannot mend it. There are various reasons behind the scene. Your purchased airbed maybe not of good quality, you may inflate your air mattress too much as you have gotten an electric inflating pump or you may be using the same airbed for years.

Let me depict everything you need to know one by one with a detailed description here.

Purchase a good air mattress for you

The market has already been flooded with a lot of air mattress manufacturing companies. Finding the best air mattress for you may be daunting for you especially if you are totally new in this industry. That’s why you should think twice before you make any purchase. You can get valuable suggestions from someone who has already bought one and has been using for months. Alternatively, you can go online and research for some time to determine what should be considered before purchasing an airbed. There are huge resources online you can read to get enough ideas.

Actually, purchasing a good air mattress can save you a lot from seeing air bubbles in your airbed.

The boding of seams may not be strong enough

Determining whether the manufacturer of your air mattress is liable for the bubbles is not a very difficult task for you. If you see there are bubbles in your air mattress just after a few uses, chances are higher the manufacturer is responsible for air mattress lumps. They do not bond the seams strong enough to last for long. Though the life expectancy of an airbed is considered for at least 1-2 years, a brand new airbed should not develop bubbles too early.

Almost every manufacturer company of air mattress provides a smart warranty along with their products. If you see any issues in your air mattress, without making further delay, you should make a return to the company for a replacement.

Electric air pump? Don’t inflate too much

As you have received an electric air pump to inflate and deflate your air mattress, you are just inflating and inflating as you are not doing the hard work for yourself with a hand pump. Just kidding! After purchasing an air mattress, you should not inflate it fully for the first time. Take time and inflate it again if it is needed for a few uses. Like other things, its materials also tend to stretch over time.

Conversely, if you inflate it to its highest temper for the first time, there may develop some bubbles in the air mattress. Besides, the life-span of your air mattress may be decreased. Keep one thing in your mind that the seams on the airbed are not very strong. As a result, inflating too much can result in bubbles in your airbed.

Do not exceed the recommended weight capacity

If you are a user of an air mattress, you probably have seen that the recommended weight capacity of most air mattresses is in between 500 pounds to 600 pounds. If you exceed the limit for a few times, your air mattress may not develop air bubbles. But if it continues over and over again, you may find many problems with your airbed including punctures, deflation or possible forms of strains on the mattress. Moreover, packing excess load on your air mattress can also result in air lumps because of the internal damage. So, be careful and don’t exceed the labeled limitation of the weight capacity of your inflatable mattress.

Everything has its lifespan under the sun

Inflatable mattresses do not last for years meaning 3-10 years. Other mattresses can last for more than 10 years or even more than 20 years whereas an air mattress can last approximately 1-2 years. Besides, if you think you will use it for your regular use, I will recommend you not to do it. Using an air mattress for years can have a bad impact on your health. You may have back pain. Moreover, if you continue to sleep on an airbed for years, your back pain can turn into chronic back pain which is not your ultimate expectation.

So, after using an inflatable mattress for years, the seams of the mattress get damaged and develop bubbles on the mattress. As everything decays for natural wear and tear, so does the inflatable mattress.

I think this is enough on finding the problem and actually why air bubbles develop in an inflatable mattress.

Now, it is time to show you the exact same ways I go through to fix the bubbles. And, in this fixing process of your air mattress, I am going to show you just three steps to follow carefully.

3 Proven Ways to Fix the bubbles

Finding the bubble(s)

Your airbed may have one or multiple bubbles developed due to above-stated causes. Finding the bubble in your inflatable mattress is easy if it is big enough to see. But what if the air lumps are very small?

Finding the smaller one is nothing difficult too but you just have to spend more time to locate the bubbles.

Anyway, don’t forget to remove sheets, mattress pads, and pillows before starting to find the bubbles in the mattress. It is not so important to tell you to remove all these things as it is very basic knowledge and obviously, you cannot find the location of air bubbles without removing them. As I have mentioned already that finding smaller air lumps may be difficult keeping your air mattress covered with mattress’ pad or bed sheets, you should keep them away before proceeding.

Unplugging the plug from the electric outlet is wise and recommended if you have an electric air pump to inflate and deflate the mattress. After finding and marking the location on your air mattress, all you need to do is to move on to the next step of the process.

Make sure there is no air left inside the air mattress

In this step, let the air seep out of the mattress completely to get rid of the annoying bubbles from your airbed. It means that there should be no air left inside the air mattress. If your mattress is not an electric one, you will need more time to deflate it entirely by opening the nozzle. The process of deflating can be faster if you can press on the mattress while deflating.

On the contrary, if you have an electric air mattress, the whole process of letting the air blow out will take just a few minutes. After deflating the airbed, you have to make sure that the bubbles are completely popped. To be honest, you have to confirm that the bubbles are gone completely.

Inflate your air mattress again to its suitable firmness level

Now, what are you seeing in your airbed? Obviously, there are no air bubbles seen, is there? Apply the same ways of an electric air mattress and a non-electric one to inflate fully. But, make sure you have inflated your airbed to its suitable firmness level. Otherwise, due to excess air in your mattress, there may develop the same air lumps again that are not your ultimate goal.

If you have owned an electric air mattress, it should be more convenient for you to inflate the mattress just pushing down the button that says “inflate”. Remove the air pump quickly once your airbed reaches to its expected firmness.

Apart from that, your air mattress may have a leak(s). If you see any leaks or holes in your mattress, you can fix it as well by reading the instruction here.

Final Verdict

Everything has their lifespan in the world you should know. The same concept can also be applied for the air mattress. If the manufacturing company concentrates on the seams of the mattress along with other materials, your airbed can last long and avoid air lumps. But there are other causes I have mentioned above. Following the proven steps I have stated above can save your money and from buying a new one.