Natural Bed Bug Removal (7 Proven Ways)

natural bed bug removal

Is your bed infested with bed bugs?

And, do you want to repel them naturally instead of using chemicals?


natural bed bug removal

Bed bugs are creepy crawlers and launch their campaign especially at night targeting you as their meal! Once your house is infested with bed bugs, it becomes very difficult for you to repel or remove them entirely. The truth is, with the passage of time, they lay their eggs almost everywhere at your house including under the mattress, sofa and even on walls and floor as well.

So, it becomes a daunting task for you to get rid of bed bugs. Your sweet sleep at night may be turned into a nightmare due to frequent bites of bed bugs. And if you cannot sleep well at night, you cannot start an energetic day too.

Do you start worrying about them and thinking about how to get rid of the small annoying creatures?

Don’t worry anymore because through this blog we try to share our thoughts with our valuable readers to ensure their invaluable sleep at night. With this view in our minds, we never hesitate to share anything important and can be helpful to our visitor.

In the same way, we will show you 7 proven natural ways to remove bed bugs from your infested area. And as an outcome, you will end up having a restful sleep without their bites.

1. Diatomaceous Earth to repel bed bugs

natural bed bug removal

It is one of the most effective natural ways (eco-friendly) to remove bed bugs from your mattress to carpets. Diatomaceous earth is 100% free from any harmful chemical that may harm your kids and pets. It can also be used for other annoying harmful pests at your home.

Diatomaceous earth has properties that can break down bed bugs’ outer shell of their body. As a result, it dehydrates their body, allows their body’s fat and oil come out. At last, they die. Though you may not see an immediate result, it can help to remove them after applying a few times.

For better results, you need to spray diatomaceous earth in the infested area including underneath the mattress, sofas, carpets and let them stay at least for 9 to 10 days. After the time overs, see the results with your own eyes.

2. Lemongrass works better

natural bed bug removal

If the acidic condition of pests inside their body increases at a great extent, they die. In the same way, lemongrass can be used to repel bed bugs as well. But the process of repelling bed bugs may take longer time than other methods. Spraying lemongrass in an affected area like mattress or dark areas of your room works better.

3. Tea Tree Oil Spray is Mind-blowing

natural bed bug removal

Tea tree oil,  the most well-known oil, is great to get rid of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Apart from that, it can also be used to repel bed bugs effectively. Having anti-parasitic properties, tea tree oil works hugely to remove bed bugs from your infested area. All you need to do is to make a mixture by adding only two teaspoons of this oil with required water. When you are done, its time to spray where they likely to hang out.

4. Suffocating method by bed bug protection encasement

This is another way to remove bed bugs from your mattress by covering it with a bed bug protection encasement. It is a long process to repel them. At least, one benefit you may receive is to protect you from the danger bites of these bugs.

There are a number of bed bug protection covers like SafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement you can purchase to protect you and your kids from their infectious bites.

5. Baking powder sucks

natural bed bug removal

Baking powder is another natural way to repel these irritating little creatures away. Baking powder has the properties to suck their body moisture and make them dry. As a result, they die because of insufficient liquid in their body. So you do not need to use pesticides if you can spread baking soda where they live according to you. Allow this powder for days to sit properly and let it suck up these annoying little creatures’ body moisture and die. After a week, you can clean your areas where you have spread the powder with a vacuum cleaner.

6. High-heat steamer should also be considered

As we are only talking about the natural remedies and ways to repel bed bugs from our infested areas, no chemicals should come into the play.

Actually, high-heat steamer method is considered to be the fastest way to repel bed bugs from your infested area including mattress, carpets, sofas and the like. If you are on a tight budget and do not want to purchase, you can just simply rent one from your local home departmental store.

When it is ready and reaches its highest heat, apply the generated steam on all infested area where you may think they are. Keep an eye to tread every single area including mattress, sofas, upholstery furniture, pillowcases and so on.

7. Use bed bug interceptors

natural bed bug removal

In a number of ways, bed bugs can gather on your mattress including your bed’s leg. Using your bed’s legs, bed bugs climb onto the mattress and take their position for the battle to start at night. If you can prevent their climbing onto the mattress, it will be a great way to lessen their invasion. So, you can use bed bug interceptors underneath every leg of your bed so that they cannot climb up.

The truth be told is that bed bug interceptors cannot kill them. Instead, they just work as a trap to catch them and also decrease the number of bed bugs onto your mattress.

The Bottom Line

Repelling bed bugs from your bed without using any chemicals is beneficial for all you care for including your kids and pets. Hope this article on natural bed bug removal will help you too to remove them permanently from your house and let you sleep peacefully without having any bites.