How long does a mattress last? When to Replace Your Mattress?

How long does a mattress last?

A mattress is one of the most significant investments in the sleeping industry. You have to spend more money to purchase a mattress than other sleep-related products, including pillows, bed sheets. As you need to spend more money, you need to consider more before buying one for your need.

If you fail to purchase the best one, you will end up having disturbed sleep at night instead of restful sleep. A mattress is one of the things you need for a comfortable sleep. That’s why it is considered to be the most crucial part of your bedroom.

How long does a mattress last?

However, when it comes to the longevity of a mattress, there are many things related to increase or decrease a mattress’ lifespan. If a user can use his or her bed carefully and wisely, he or she can expect a lifespan of between 7 and 10 years or more.

On the other hand, if you, as a user, use it roughly without taking care of the mattress, you can expect less longevity of your mattress.

As a mattress is a pricey part of a bed, you should use it carefully and purchase one that is of high-quality. Materials and build of a mattress also matter when you measure its longevity.

But it is found that a mattress lasts 7 to 10 years. In this article, I am going to describe to you two things- factors that impact the lifespan of a mattress and why you need to replace a mattress for your better sleep.

Reasons that Impact the Lifetime of a Mattress

Some reasons impact the lifespan of a mattress. Among them are frequencies of use, bodyweight of the users, the activity you perform on it, cleaning of the mattress as it needs. Besides, you know that everything under the sun has their wear and tear. Over time, everything slowly dissipates.

How long does a mattress last?

Frequency of use

The more you use anything, the earlier it lasts- a straightforward concept. The mattress you have kept in your guest’s room for your overnight guests lasts more. On the other hand, the mattress you sleep on regularly last longer. Side by the side, using a mattress for longer time shortens its lifespan.

Bodyweight matters

Bodyweight of the users is a likely cause for a mattress to wear it out soon. If you have more weight, your mattress has to endure more pressure on it. As a result, heavyweight shortens a mattress’ lifespan. Conversely, users having lighter weight can expect more longevity of their mattress. So, it is now clear that the more pressure you put on the mattress, the shorter the lifespan you will receive.

Activity on the mattress

Apart from sleeping on the mattress, many of us perform other activities on it, including playing with kids, eating and drinking on it, putting a heavy or sharp object on the mattress. If you use your mattress beyond sleeping, it will wear down fast. Besides, a mattress should only be used as your sleeping purpose. While eating and drinking on a mattress, some of them may fall on the mattress. If you do not remove them well, there may grow harmful bacteria that can be a potential cause to destroy your mattress’ lifespan.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning keeps your mattress in good condition. Otherwise, harmful bacteria, along with dust mites, can damage your mattress. If you see any spot on the mattress, you should clean your mattress. It so happens that your baby’s liquid food can fall on the mattress and sip by it. In this case, you must clean the mattress to get rid of harmful bacteria which can grow fast to damage your mattress.

So, these are the factors that influence the lifespan of your mattress. By considering these factors, you can increase your mattress’ lifespan for more than 10 years!

Okay. Now, it is time to discuss all why you should replace your mattress. Also, you need to know how you can realize that you need a new one for your better sleep at night. If you sleep on a mattress that has a middle valley or something uncomfortable for your body, you will end up having back pain after getting up from bed the following day. In a word, you need proper and comfortable sleep accessories to have a restful sleep at night.

Why you should replace your mattress

Getting up from bed with pain

If you experience regular neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, stiffness, and something like that after waking up, you should consider replacing your mattress. You are encountering these issues because your mattress may be no longer in good condition. You may not see the difference soon, but after a long time, you must have some health conditions, including pains. So, without hurting yourself, you should replace your mattress by purchasing a new one.

Embarrassing sound while sleeping

When you go to sleep on your bed, there may have some avoidable noise. Your new bed frame can make sounds for the first time, and it will fade away after several uses. But what if you are struggling to sleep compromising the embarrassing noise caused by your mattress itself?

Your mattress may create the sounds of grinding metals or squeaking springs. These indications will tell you that your mattress’ foundation has become weak. As a result, you are depriving you of a good night’s sleep. In this situation, it would be wise to bring a new mattress that suits your need best.

Middle valley in the mattress

If you feel like a central valley in your mattress, you may not get a night of deep sleep at night. It will hurt you while sleeping. Thus you will get up with neck, back, or shoulder pain. After using a mattress for many years, it is natural that there may find sagging, a dent, a dip in the mattress which hinder your restful sleep.

Breakouts of allergies in an epidemic form

With time, allergen, dust mites increase on the mattress. That’s why; you need to clean your mattress regularly so that you can keep safe from these harmful germs and bacteria. But, if you see that there is a noticeable increase in allergy symptom, you need a replacement.

Final Verdict

The more you take care of your mattress, the more extended longevity your mattress will have. Typically, a good mattress lasts for 5 to 10 years. A mattress’ lifespan may increases or decreases depending on proper management.

If you can protect your mattress from allergens, dust mites and accidents, it will last beyond this range. Ensuring your restful sleep at night sleeping on your mattress should be your priority. Also, a good mattress topper can extend your mattress’ longevity. If you notice something that is ruining your restful sleep, then you should change your mattress. That’s it.


The Ideal Temperature for Better Sleep

ideal temperature for sleep

Knowing the best temperature for both your bedroom and your body can help you fall asleep faster and ensures a restful sleep at night.

Are you struggling to sleep in a too hot or too cold temperature of your bedroom and cannot sleep well?

ideal temperature for sleep

If it is so, then this article should be a great piece for you. Just read on to the end of the article and I do hope and believe that you will end up learning everything about the ideal temperature for better sleep at night.

Your body and bedroom’s temperature have an unavoidable impact on your sleep like other sleep-related issues such as mattress, pillows, bed sheets, the environment around you and many other things. It plays a vital role to fall asleep.

Only a restful sleep at night can help you to start a good and energetic day. As you know, sleep has a number of health benefits. And, temperature both body and bedroom is one of the most important consideration to have a better sleep at night.

So, what is the ideal temperature for your body and bedroom?

Well. Let me tell you all about it. In this article, you are going to learn not only about the ideal body and bedroom’s temperature but other associated things to keep your bedroom’s temperature perfect for a good night’s deep sleep.

Your body needs an optimal temperature for a restful sleep

Actually, our brain and other body functions keep active during daytime. Research says that our body temperature keeps fluctuating the whole day and it reaches its highest point in the late afternoon. Then it starts to cool down as the night falls. It happens to prepare your body for bed.

ideal temperature for sleep

Circadian rhythm regulates our body’s 24-hour body clock which is responsible for regulating our sleep-wake cycle. Our body temperature is considered to be 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

But it varies a little bit for the toddlers and babies and it should be 65 to 70 degree Fahrenheit. It does not mean that it is the exact temperature for all. It may be a little bit different from person to person.

The ideal temperature for your bedroom

Like your body temperature, your bedroom should have the same temperature to maintain the required temperature. Otherwise, your body temperature may fluctuate during sleep at night. And, there are many ways to keep your bedroom’s temperature consistent to have a restful sleep throughout the whole night.

Are you a restless sleeper and wake up frequently from sleep at night?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then your bedroom’s temperature is either too hot or too cold that does not allow you to sleep deeply. But it is found that cooler temperature helps you to shut your eyes fast and offers you a restful sleep at night.

Also, it does not mean that your bedroom temperature will be too cold. If it is too cold, you may not have a deep and restful sleep because your body will keep more active in keeping you warm.

Maintain your bedroom’s ideal temperature

The ideal temperature of our bedroom plays a pivotal role in our sleep at night. Following measures can help you to keep your bedroom’s temperature consistent and cool throughout the whole night for better sleep experience.

Keep your bedroom dark

ideal temperature for sleep

Dark bedroom tends to keep calm and cool. Also, it helps your bedroom’s temperature to cool down as the night passes. So, before you go to sleep, don’t forget to turn all electric lights off so that the sleeping environment appears!

Keep your windows open or close!

Are you confused!

You should not because keeping your bedroom’s temperature cool and consistent depends on the temperature outside your room.

ideal temperature for sleep

You can keep your bedroom’s blinds and curtains closed only if there is a chance for the sunlight to enter into. Moreover, sometimes the temperature outside your bedroom may be higher than in your bedroom. In this case, keeping your bedroom’s windows closed can help your bedroom’s temperature to keep cool and consistent.

On the other hand, if your bedroom’s temperature is higher than that of outside the room, you should keep your windows open to circulate enough cool air into your bedroom. This is the natural way to keep your bedroom cool and ideal for your restful sleep at night.

An air conditioner can also be considered

Especially, during summer days, the weather tends to keep high. Due to the high temperature, we feel restlessness not only at daytime but during sleep time also. And, if your bedroom’s temperature remains high for the whole night, you may not fall asleep fast. Even you can fall asleep anyhow, you cannot enjoy a restful sleep throughout the night.

ideal temperature for sleep

In this case, you can turn your air condition on to make the temperature of your bedroom cool and ideal for sleep. But, you should remember that it will not be wise to turn your air conditioner on for the whole night. When the temperature of your bedroom cool down, turn the air condition off and go to bed for a good sleep.

Wear socks before bed

Wearing sock before bed to keep your feet warm is a great way to distribute heat throughout your whole body.

When you wear socks to keep your extremities warm, it helps your blood vessels to keep wider and helps blood to circulate evenly and thus your body temperature becomes cool.

Cool temperature ensures better REM (Rapid Eye Movement)

Our body needs to pursue its functioning well at daytime. For the proper functioning of our body, we need restful and sufficient deep sleep at night. Otherwise, we may not go well for the next day.

However, the optimal temperature of your bedroom can help you to enjoy a deep sleep. Cool temperature is also associated with better-quality REM. You will have sweet dreams during REM which helps you to improve your learning process as well as consolidates your memory function.

Moreover, deep sleep helps your body to restore and also to repair your muscles and tissue. So, if you want to allow your body to do these important things for you, you should ensure your bedroom’s cool temperature.

The Bottom Line

As temperature (ideal) plays a great role for a restful sleep at night, you should take proper measures to ensure your bedroom’s ideal temperature. Your next day almost totally depends on your body functioning which is an outcome of a deep sleep at night.

If you can maintain these above-mentioned steps to keep your bedroom as well as your body temperature cool, you will end up having a restful sleep throughout the whole night.

What Should You Wear to Bed for Better Sleep?

sleep dress

Do you want to work more and more with concentration regularly?

Do you want to lead a healthy lifestyle?

But do you want to do them without having sufficient sleep?


Restful sleep at night helps you perform everything minutely and efficiently. Sleep has a tremendously good impact on your overall health and you may not go well without having deep sleep at night. And to ensure your needed sleep, you need to consider many things including the environment around your bedroom, temperature, sound, lightings and so many things related to better sleep.

Even you have to closely consider your dress to wear to bed for a restful sleep. Tight outfits may not be as comfortable as you may think. Besides, the fabrics of your clothes also matter to fall asleep fast.

In this article, I am going to share with you the exact same things you can try to bed for better sleep. And I hope like other articles of my blog, this piece will also help you to have a restful sleep at night.

Like good school students, let me come to the point and answer to the question so that you don’t wait anymore.

Try loose pajamas and be a fan of them

sleep dress

Loose pajamas help you sleep comfortably throughout the whole night. On the other hand, tight pajamas tend to keep you hot and hinder blood circulation as well. Besides, your pajamas’ fabrics should also be good e.g cotton to have a comfortable feel. Cotton fabrics allow air to circulate properly. Your body can maintain its temperature and keeps cool during sleep.

Ideal temperature is an important thing to consider for a good night’s sleep. Too high or too low temperature is not good for sleep. Besides, cotton fabrics do not cause any skin irritation. But if it is cold (winter season), you should use an extra blanket to get rid of cold because cotton fabrics allow your body to keep cool by circulating air very well. So, for summer, cotton fabrics can be a good option for you.

On the other hand, silk may be good for the winter season. It tends to keep you warm because it almost does not allow air to circulate properly.

I recommend you to use cotton fabrics instead of silk for a better sleep experience.

Avoid wearing a bra during sleep

sleep dress

Many women have a tendency to wear a bra during their sleep. They think that wearing a bra while sleeping protect them from sagging. Actually, this is not true and should be avoided not only for better sleep but for your overall health.

As your bra fits tightly on your body, your skin does not have the chance to breathe. Besides, it hampers blood circulation as well. It also creates pressure on your chest and thus hinders to breathe properly for the whole night which is really very alarming to your health. It also allows developing a fungal infection as they grow faster in the warm area of your body.

For those reasons related to your health and sleep, you should avoid wearing a bra while going to bed for a deep sleep. Click here if you want to learn more about the health benefits of sleeping without a bra.

Avoid wearing underwear

sleep dress

Like bras, underwear keeps your vaginal region covered and hinders to circulate needed air flow. As it remains covered throughout the whole night, it becomes a hotbed for bacteria to develop. Harmful bacteria and yeast tend to grow faster in dark, warm and covered area.

Besides, underwears also hinder proper circulation of blood as they have tight elastic. If you wear underwears for a long time, there may develop skin irritation problems as well. Vaginal irritations and inflammation are also some other unwanted medical outcomes due to wearing underwear regularly during sleep at night.

So, for health-related benefits and deeper sleep, you should try to avoid wearing underwears. If you are a regular user, you may not give up this habit of wearing underwears suddenly. It will take time to change any habit that has been built over time and practices for a long time.

Welcome socks to wear before bed

sleep dress

There is research on warm feet and it proved that warm feet are directly associated with sleep. Find the best socks that best suits your personality. Socks help you to decrease your blood pressure and by wearing socks you can prepare your body to go to bed. Especially, if it is winter and you want to sleep leaving your feet cold, you cannot fall asleep. Conversely, wearing socks and making your feet warm can help you sleep faster.

Besides, there are many health advantages to socks. By wearing socks, you can say goodbye to cracks and dryness of your feet. Also, harmful bacteria does not get a chance to grow there faster. As a result, your feet also keep healthy and young.

You can also sleep in the nude!

It depends on your choice whether to go or not. But, research says that lower body’s temperature helps you sleep deeply and peacefully. It can improve your quantity as well as the quality of sleep at night. When you go to bed without any clothes, there will be no chance to develop some health issues including skin irritations, vaginal infections, inflammations and the like.

But it will be a wise choice to have your emergency clothes near your hand so that you can easily and quickly get them to wear if there is an emergency. So, if you can dare to go bare to bed at night, it would be great for not only you but your partner also.

It is time to say ‘No’ to jewelry before bed

sleep dress

Long-time use of your jewelry can cause great harm to your overall health. There are many reasons to go to bed without any jewelry including skin irritations, allergies and many more. Even if your jewelry is very precious to you, still you should avoid wearing them while sleeping at night. When we sleep, we remain unconscious and do many weird things in sleep. You may scratch your skin with the jewelry.

Moreover, your favorite jewelry can get tangled to your bed sheets or on your hair and thus can cause some unwanted problems. Your lovely ring fitted on your finger and the necklace can also hamper the circulation of blood properly throughout your whole body. These are the most possible issues you may face if you go to bed wearing your jewelry. You can use them for certain period of time but no for all time.

Keep your hand off the watch

sleep dress

Sometimes, it so happens that you go to sleep wearing your favorite wristwatch that fits tightly on your hand. This is another cause to hinder the circulation of blood to the veins properly. Besides, there may grow harmful bacteria due to keeping your watch for a longer period of time.

In addition, you may suffer from skin irritation and sometimes a little bit pain on your hand. Though everybody keeps their hand off the watch, keep an eye before going to bed whether your wrist watch is in your hand or not.

Final Verdict

To conclude, I will say that make a wise choice to wear clothes that best suits you while sleeping throughout the whole night. Also, keep it in your mind that you must need deep and restful sleep for the whole night to start a great day. As you know there are many things related to good sleep throughout the whole night including mattress, bed frame, pillows, bed sheets and the like. I hope this article is worth reading and helps you like other articles on the website.

And, if you have any recommendation to add something to the list (what should wear to bed for better sleep), you can do it right now by leaving your valuable comment below.