Are You a Mouth Breather? Stop It to Avoid Health Risk

mouth breather should know

Mouth breathing causes a number of health risks. Anatomical way of breathing is through the nose. We can get sufficient air flow with needed oxygen through the nose. Our lungs’ absorption capacity increases by the produced nitric oxide gas by mucus while breathing through the nose. As a result, we feel better while breathing through the nose.

mouth breather should know

But, what if you breathe through your nose?

Before we go deep into the topic and find its possible solution, make sure you are a mouth breather. Are you overwhelming thinking on how to be sure of this?

Waking up feeling your mouth dry is the easiest way to determine that you are a mouth breather. If you sleep breathing with your mouth, your mouth must be dry and so do your lips. Your lips should also be hard because while breathing with the mouth, your mouth’s most important element, saliva dries out leaving your mouth dry. Negative health implications are the ultimate outcomes of the mouth breathers.

So, let’s find out actually what are the causes of mouth breathing?

Mouth breathing can be addressed into several reasons as follows:

If your weight is too much, you can breathe with your mouth while sleeping,

You may have your nasal congestion,

It may be your habit now because you have developed it from your childhood,

If you are in the third trimester of your pregnancy, you may experience mouth breathing. But it is not an alarming health issue.

Importance of breathing through your nose

As mentioned earlier, proper airflow through the nose increases your lung’s capacity. On the other hand, breathing through your mouth can cause a lot of health problems.

While breathing through the nose, air enters your lungs being filtered by the mucus lining of the nose. Besides, these linings help the air to be warm or moisturize as need.

♦ You may suffer from some oral health problem including dry mouth, dry out of gums, acidity, risk of cavities and plague on your teeth.

♦ If you snore regularly, it will also worsen the condition and as a result, you can experience sleep apnea in the long run.

♦ The facial deformity is also found if you are a mouth breather. But, it is seen in children though.

♦ As breathing through mouth reduces the oxygen intake while breathing, it might have been detrimental to your overall health as well.

♦ Due to mouth breathing, the saliva of your mouth dries out. And due to less saliva, harmful bacteria increases massively and it leads to tooth decay. When the amount of saliva in your mouth becomes low, its pH gets lower as well. Saliva is an important substance in your mouth which protects your teeth’s enamel and thus saves your teeth from decay.

I would like to thank you as you are still reading my article. And, I think, like others, you are also finding the ways to get rid of this nuisance.


I also think this is the time to discuss the possible solutions for the problem.

There are many measures you can take to solve the health issue. But in this post, I am going to address only a few of them which are really proven methods of getting rid of this nuisance indeed.

First of all, I would like to tell you the method I like most.

Physical Exercise

As you know, physical exercises are the best option to fight against almost any health issues. You may suffer from this health issue due to your extra weight. In this case, you can reduce your extra fat by taking regular physical exercise. Losing your extra weight also helps you to take breathe through your nose.

Yoga and cardio exercises improve your breathing undoubtedly.

Exercise to breathe through your nose

You may breathe through your mouth due to the nose congestion. When your nose remains too blocked to breathe normally, you have to take breathe through your mouth.

The exercise designed to have proper breathing through your nose is not so difficult to carry out. If you can do this nasal exercise only three to five times a day, you can take breathe through your nose clearly keeping your mouth shut.

Before starting the exercise, sit on a chair and breathe through your nose just for a while and close your nose with your fingers. Try to hold your breath as long as you can and then let it out slowly through your nostrils.

Repeat the session for three to five times with one sitting. After a few days, you can see that improvement of your breathing through your nose advances.

Do you have allergies?

Almost everybody is allergic to something. So, do you. But, we are allergic to dust and mites in most cases. So, if you have anything that may be allergic to you, you should remove it from your bedroom. Keep your bedroom neat and clean so that there is no dust or mites left. Also, make sure your lovely blanket is not the source of your allergy. If so, without further delay, leave it and bring another which suits you best.

Consider Nasal Spray

Sometimes, it so happens that due to cold, your nose gets congested. That’s why you cannot breathe through your nose properly. As a result, you have to breathe through your mouth. You can get rid of this problem if you use a saline nasal spray to decongesting your nose. This is very effective and helpful as well.

You can try mouth guard and chin strips

The main function of these two sleep assistant things is to keep your mouth shut up while sleeping. But before using these things you should consult with your doctor. Also, make sure mouth guard are comfortable enough to support your gums instead of hurting them. Chin strips also do the same as sleeping, mouth guards.

They help you to promote your breathing through the nose. You can also eliminate snoring by using them. So, you can try them.

Final Verdict

As mouth breathing has real health issues, you should take proper steps to avoid it. In this article, I have tried to show and describe some ways you can try to stop mouth breathing. Find out which suits you best and pursue with your choice. I hope this article helps you like our other informative article on this website. Still, if you want to add an option I might forget to include, feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below.

Sleep Apnea: Types, Symptoms, Side Effects and Treatment

We all in the world love to sleep without any interruption. But sometimes, it occurs during sleep. Some have the difficulty of getting sleep, poor quality sleep, waking up early and much more. Apart from them, there is another problem during sleep time at night or day too. And, in this article, we are going to discuss the problem, its causes, its cures, its symptoms, its diagnosis, and its side effects.

Can you guess what the problem is?


Yes, it is Sleep Apnea. It is a great problem among people in the world and a huge number of us are suffering from this acute problem during sleep. It is a sleep disorder and when a person is having difficulties taking a breath is called sleep apnea. It occurs several times during sleep time and it leads to a serious health problem. When it happens our body and brain do not get sufficient oxygen that can cause a serious damage to our overall health.

Kinds of the sleep disorder:

 There are actually two types of sleep apnea we face when we get asleep. One of them is Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and another is Central sleep apnea (CSA).

OSA is more common than CSA among people around the world. By the blockage of airways in our body, it causes during sleep. On the other hand, CSA is likely less common than OSA. During sleep time, if the brain is unable to send signals to the muscles which maintain breathing, it occurs.

Snoring is higher in OSA than CSA. Actually, those who have central sleep apnea snore less common than those of Obstructive sleep apnea. Besides, there is another type of sleep apnea which is called Complex sleep apnea that is the combination of both.

Its symptoms:

It is almost impossible for a person to identify whether he/she is suffering from this sleep disorder because it happens during sleep time. But a recorder can help identify the problem. The followings are the possible symptoms of sleep apnea.

  • Continuous snoring every night
  • Interruption in breathing
  • Feeling drowsy while driving
  • Waking up suddenly with dry gullet
  • A Headache after getting up in the morning
  • Ill-tempered because of insufficient sleep
  • Having difficulties in concentrating

All the above-mentioned symptoms alarm you whether you are suffering from the sleep disorder or not. If they are happening with your regular, you should consider the issue and try to solve it quickly with the help of a doctor.

Its side effect:

If a person realizes that he/she is suffering from sleep apnea, he/she should consult with a specialized doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes, we think that snoring is not a problem. But it can be a sign of your sleep apnea. So, we should take measures to solve the problem. Otherwise, there may cause some serious health problems like:

  • High blood pressure
  • Overweight, male
  • Heart failure and attacks
  • Diabetes
  • Continuous headaches
  • Stroke

However, it can lessen your productivity in your day to day life. It will not let you concentrate on your regular activities. Children suffer from this problem may not achieve their desired academic goal due to the sleep disorder. So, it should be identified and cured.

Sleep apnea causes:

There are some causes of the sleep disorder and they are as follows:

  • Premature birth
  • Heart failure
  • Obesity
  • Outsized tonsils
  • Neuromuscular conditions and some other.

Sleep apnea treatment:

A positive airway pressure (PAP) machine, implant or mouthpiece can help you solve the issue. But we strongly recommend you to talk to a specialized doctor before taking the final decision. Your doctor can suggest you the best considering the severity of your sleep apnea and the possible solution. Besides, if it is really a big problem for you and you cannot go with it, you can consult with a surgeon to get relief from this irritating and serious health problem. So, at first, try to talk a doctor for the primary suggestion related to your sleep apnea.

You can try to get rid of this sleep disorder at home doing some lifestyle change. Now, probably, you are thinking that how is it possible without a doctor? Yes, it can be if you can

  • Lose your extra weight through regular physical exercises at home
  • Stop drinking alcohol and taking sleeping pills
  • Change sleeping posture for the improvement of your breathing
  • Forget smoking forever

Another method is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine.

Wear the mask before getting asleep over your mouth and hook it up with a machine that supplies nonstop air-flow into your nose. It can help you only if you are back sleepers.

There are dental devices that can help your airway open when you get asleep.

Still, if you have the problem, you can go for surgery because your tonsils may be larger than normal, or you possess a deviated nasal septum, or your lower jaw is with an overbite occurred your throat too narrow to pass enough air flow. For the perfect sleep, you then need a surgery that can relieve you from sleep apnea.

Surgery for sleep apnea includes:

  • Nasal surgery for a deviated septum
  • UPPP (Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty) for increasing the width for passing the flow of air through the airway.
  • Mandibular maxillomandibular advancement surgery for correcting facial and throat problems.

So, to lead a better and healthy life, we should build up some good habits. These are physical exercise, disciplined lifestyle, maintaining a regular routine, getting asleep early and waking up early, walking and much more. They can change our lifestyle from worse to better. But this sleep disorder, sleep apnea can be cause for a number of reasons. If it is detected, we should not delay thinking that it is not a big deal. Instead, we should take proper steps to solve the problem. Otherwise, it can be a serious problem for your health.