How Does Noise Affect Your Sleep? (And the Ultimate Solution)

Effects of noise

Are you struggling to sleep but cannot fall asleep due to the irritating noise around you?

Effects of noise

Yes, noise can keep you awake the whole night. As a result, you will get up without having sufficient sleep at night you need to start the following day. Actually, there are different kinds of noise responsible for your awakening. If you are dwellers of a city, you may already have experienced busy traffic noise which does not allow you to sleep at night properly. Your surrounding may also be noisy. Loud barking sound of dogs can even break your sleep.

However, sound and restful sleep is a must for your overall health. Without having enough deep sleep at night, you can continue your every day’s task efficiently. You may feel drowsiness at the time of doing your task. Driving a car is also risky for you then because you may make an accident with your sleepy eyes.

The Impact of Sound While Sleeping

Sound becomes louder at night normally. You can tolerate the noise of your next-door’s construction. The same sound can keep you awake during sleeping at night and it becomes more effective to break your sleep if it is a sudden loud sound.

You may suffer from various diseases related to sound pollution like cardiovascular diseases. Besides, the ultra-supersonic sound created by vehicles’ horns and other sources can also increase your blood pressure and you may feel unstable for some moments.

Actually, if you wake up suddenly from your night-time sleep for several nights, it will break your sleep cycle which is very important for any human being. As a result, you will feel restless on the following day. The impacts of sound vary from person to person. The intensity and severity of noise matters as well. Research has found that some people wake up due to the barking of dogs outside their house. On the other hand, some people continue their sleep with the same sound of dogs’ barking outside.

Noise can wake people when they are in stage 2 sleep. If you go through deep sleep, slight sounds cannot wake you up. Otherwise, age is also a considerable factor in this field. It has been found that children and elderly people are most sufferers due to noise. Noise hampers their sleep more in comparison with others.

There are another source of noises (emotional noises) like your kid’s crying, door’s opening, alarm of your table clock, the sound of an ambulance, sound of the fire-brigade and the like which are also responsible for waking you up from your sweet sleep at night.

So, these unwanted boring noises should be avoided to ensure your better sleep at night. There are several ways to mask or avoid inside as well as outside annoying noises. Actually, you have to fight against two different types of noise sources. They are inside your house and outside of your house. If you can minimize these sounds before going to bed, you will enjoy deep sleep at night. There are other factors you have to consider to ensure your deep sleep at night. Here is an article related to ensuring sound sleep.

However, let’s get back into the point.

Your environment should be sleep-friendly

With the advancement of technology, due to rapid urbanization, our environment gets polluted in many ways including air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, soil pollution and so on. You cannot avoid sound anymore and it has become a part of our lives. If your surroundings are too noisy, you can also play some relaxing music during sleep to have a better sleep.

First of all, you have to find out the source of noise whether it is inside your house or outside. Don’t worry. In this article, I will describe both and their possible solution to ensure your sound sleep at night just to start an energetic day.

Fight with inside noise

If you are trying hard to fall asleep but cannot due to continuous bumps inside your house, you can play some relaxing music in your bedroom. Moreover, there are several other options you can adapt to minimize inside noise. You can purchase a white noise machine to avoid the irritating noise. You can easily avoid annoying noise playing this machine as you can get the continuous sound of rain, wind, fan, chirping of birds, waves and many more which will help you to fall asleep soon.

Turning your television before going to bed helps you sleep faster. Besides, we are not away from our electronic devices including the most important one- cell phone. Receiving important calls is a must. But make sure you have decreased the loud sound of your smartphone. These attempts allow you to fight against disruptions before sleep.

If your bedroom is close to the kitchen and your ice makers is on, before bedtime, you should turn off the machine as it produces noises to steal your sleep at night.

You may be sharing your apartment’s wall with your neighbors. The noise made by your neighbors can harm your night’s sleep if they are too noisy by speaking loudly or listening to music at a higher volume. In this case, all you can do is to place your bookcases against the wall to use as a barrier to the annoying sound.

Your partner may snore during sleep at night. And sometimes, it can be too loud to sleep with your partner. In order to eliminate the disturbing sound of your partner’s snoring, you can use noise canceling earbuds.

Fight with outside noise

You can sleep well only minimizing noise inside your house. Along with inside noise, you have to take measures to eliminate outside noise including traffic noise, the sound of airplanes, trains, trucks, buses and even schools.

Devices like white noise machines, earplugs or ear buds can help you here as well like inside noise of your house to minimize disturbing sound. Before going to bed, you can put earplugs in both ears to avoid outside noise. Also, placing a white noise machine near your bed also can save you from struggling with heavy outside noise.

If it is possible to shift your bedroom away from outside walls, you can do it to have a peaceful sleep at night. Your windows may have tiny holes and so outside noise can trespass into your bedroom. If it happens, you can immediately seal all the tiny holes so that noise cannot enter into the bedroom.

Also, planting trees and shrubs can be a great idea to fight against outside noise and it can be a long-term, durable way.

Final Verdict

Sound has both positive and negative impacts, depending on its severity and intensity, types and noise level. We cannot avoid noise from our day to day life. What we can do is to take some steps to minimize noise to lead a better life. Besides, it is almost impossible in today’s modern world to sleep a good night’s sleep with any disruption of sound.

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